Manchester, Doncaster, Glasgow.......

With the weather getting colder, Playground Surfaces teams have been glad to be super busy!!!
Teams have been working in Manchester, N.Wales and the West Midlands, and with a lot more work booked on in Hartlepool, Doncaster, Liverpool and Glasgow it is due to get even busier!!!

Last week saw the handover of Prestatyn Tennis Courts and the preparation of a number of playgrounds in Manchester. The Manchester play areas had the surrounding hard standings 'cut out (10mm gap cut around fall area) to enable the Notts Sport ChildsPlay to be bolstered into the gap. With 200m+ being laid it was a time consuming process but essential to achieve the best results.

These existing sites were constructed of degraded and vandalised wet pour, all of which would have had to been ripped out and re-laid at substantially higer costs than over laying with ChildsPlay. Fortunately Manchester council have used GLS a number of times previously to carry out wetpour repairs and they were well aware of the savings we could provide them in addition to our 5 year guarantee.

Thankfully a number of councils throughout the UK have realised that this is the best and most cost effective solution to failing wet pour and rubber mats/playground tiles and as such GLS are busier than ever carrying out cover over’s.


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