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MUGA surfacing in Nottingham


A Playground in a prison

Last month Playground Surfaces had been installing a playground in Dovegate Prison near Uttoxeter.  It has been a unique experience for some of the team as Dovegate Prison is a category B prison, but is built so it could potentially house category A inmates if the need arose.  As such there is a serious amount of barbed wire and 6m+ tall fences and walls, which seemed daunting to us and we are getting out by 16:00 every day!

Fantastic Playgrounds from Denmark!

Amazing Playgrounds

This article briefly looks at some amazing playground equipment, the companies that design and build it and why children and adults alike, love them so much. 


This play equipment is designed by a Danish based company called Monstrum.  Their pieces are truly an eclectic assortment of original designs, all with their core belief running through them:

Copthorne Road Nursery NottsSport and Bonded Rubber Mulch

Recently Playground Surfaces were pleased to be able to assisst a small nursery who had received a grant to have part of their outdoor space resurfaced.  The existing surface had been laid about 12 years ago and was starting to look tired and worn out. 

Back on the Road - Notts Sport ChildsPlay to a New North England Client

Today Playground Surfaces undertook work for a new local authority client.  With a lull on new clients since Christmas, it was great to show a local authority the massive benefits and cost savings of using ChildsPlay in it's most valuable application.  The council have a number of playgrounds with deteriorating wet pour.  Now wet pour does have it's place, but like all good things, it comes to an end.  Once wet pour starts deteriorating, the options are limited to:


Cushionfall busier than ever....

The last month has been a busy time at Playground Surfaces.  All the teams have been very busy throughout the UK.  The Wet Pour and Bonded Rubber Mulch team have been as far as London and Leeds and the Notts Sport team have been steady on a number of sites in the North West.


Blogs and Jobs

This week and last  week the Playground Surfaces team have been back in our newest clients area again installing installing Notts Sport ChildsPlay over existing degraded wet pour.  This is excellent news as the location is relatively close to home and all the lads get home of an evening as opposed to staying in digs.


New North West Local Authority Client.

This week Playground Surfaces carried out a new install for a Local Authority in the North West.  The job was a Notts Sport ChildsPlay overlay job.  The existing wet pour had shrunken in places and also contained a number of 'soft spots'.  The playground was not that old and formed part of a new housing development.  Often planning applications include scope for provisions of play areas and open spaces in order they pass the application.


This coming week the Playground Surfaces team are heading to Hartlepool once again to the small North East coastal town of Hartlepool.  The Parks manager from Hartlepool has seen firsthand the benefits of using Notts Sports ChidsPlay in children’s play areas.  A majority of playgrounds, as is the case throughout the UK, had wet pour safety surfacing beneath play equipment. 

Flintshire Council

Last week Playground Surfaces had an unusually local week and were working in a small village in North Wales. Amongst the hills is a small village where the kids had been desperate for a new playground.  With the councils limited budgets a new playground was sadly not an option, but a new twin tower unit from Playdale was installed by our team and the existing play bark was distributed and topped up.

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