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Health and Safety is an ever prominent consideration in Britain today and nowhere less so than where our children are concerned.  It comes as no surprise, that playground surfacing has become an almost legal requirement, helping to reduce the risk of injury to users, whilst also reducing the liability for play ground authorities. 

Under the previous Labour government there was a necessary provision of new playgrounds, which were built under various schemes such as the now obsolete Playbuilder and Pathfinder.  With the installation of new play areas came the need for appropriate playground safety surfaces.

This surfacing took the form of numerous loose fill and fixed surfaces.  On this page we will focus on fixed wet pour play surfaces, most commonly wet pour and more recently the likes of Bonded Rubber Mulch.  The only real alternatve to these rubber playground surfaces, are the innovative Notts Sports ChildsPlay systems.

Both wet pour and bonded mulch are similar in nature, as they are EPDM (ethylene propylene diene Monomer) bound rubber pieces.  The two main differences between them is wet pour is laid in two stages, a base layer and a surface wearing layer where as bonded mulch is laid in one single layer.  The second differnece is the size of the rubber pieces they are constructed from.

As bonded mulch consists of much larger pieces of rubber it looks very different when in situ. Mulch looks much more natural, appearing more like bark than a man made rubber product.  This can be used to good effect when bonded rubber mulch and wet pour are thoughtfully laid in the same playground, offering a contrasting look and feel.

Mulch also has the distinct advantage that it can be laid directly onto soil and does not need expensive groundworks, unlike those required for wet pour installation.  This can help to dramatically reduce costs on sites where access prooves difficult or where raw materials impose significant transportation costs. 

Bonded Rubber Mulch is available in a range of natural colours and will compliment any play equipment well.


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