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Playground Surfaces provide wet pour rubber surfacing in a number of colours and design options to suit your needs, all of which can help stimulate creative, SAFE, free play, amongst children.  We service clients including schools, nurseries, playground equipment manufacturers, local authorites and construction contractors.  If you would like to discuss how we can work with you, or obtain a price tailored to your project please use the  'contact' button

Wet Pour Technical Information 

Wet Pour is the generic term given to resin bound rubber granules, most commonly found in playground surfaces.
Wet pour rubber granules EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Modified) are bound in a hard wearing, non toxic resin, which when cured hardens to form the wet pour play surface.
Historically, resin bound rubber was installed as playground safety tiles but this method is now practically obsolete, in favour of alternative playground surface materials such as Notts Sport ChildsPlay and wetpoured rubber.
Our system always consists of a free draining sub base layer of MOT stone/Base macadam/non fines concrete and a 17-20mm deep wearing course. This provides the basic 0.7m of Critical Fall Height (CFH) protection.
For increased levels of CFH protection, a base course of resin bound rubber can be added at varying depths. 

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The graph below highlights the overall surface depth against the CFH protection the wet pour surface offers.  Playground Surfaces' wet pour surfacing provides Critical Fall Height (CFH) protection from 0.7m – 3.0m. 

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All the wetpour safety surfacing Playground Surfaces offer is tested every 4 years by the Centre for Sports Technology who confirms compliance with BS EN 7188:1998 & BS EN 1177:1998.
Additionally, all Playground Surfaces wet pour is offered with a 5 year guarantee against faulty materials or workmanship.

Notts Sport ChildsPlay

Recently Playground Surfaces has noted a shift towards Notts Sport ChildsPlay, by a number of the larger City councils, as it offers the same colour options and CFH protection, but a higher level of vandal resistance and increased versatility as it can be installed on slopes and humps.  Particularly useful and very competitive when used to repair damaged wet pour

Wet Pour Mainteance and Care

To obtain more information about the mainteance and care of  our wet pour product, as well as information about how it is vandalsied and can be repaired, please click here


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