SafetyStix Prices 

SafetyStix are free draining and comply with CoSHH regulation and with BSEN1177 provided depths are monitored and maintained.  Baseline costs for SafetyStix are: 

Natural SafetyStix - loose   -  £15/m3

Natural SafetyStix - baled   -  £35/m3

If these prices are accpetable, feel free to get in touch with a delivery postcode and quantity required and we will be happy to provide an official quotation.


SafetyStix Playground Surface Information 

As far as playground surfacing goes, play bark and play sand are often the cheapest safety surfacing choice in regards to initial purchase price.  Coupled with the fact that SafetyStix is 100% recycled, this understandably makes them an attractive choice for local authorities and other playground managers.  Playground Surfaces offer a supply only service throughout the UK and a local (within 30 miles of Wrexham) supply and lay service for SafetyStix - playbark. 

The following reasons highlight why SafetyStix play bark is the only loose fill playground flooring we offer.


  • SafetyStix playbark is 100% recycled from old timber products making it more environmentally friendly than playsand. 
  • It looks very natural 'in situ' so can compliment timber play equipment, particularly in rural locations. 
  • Once laid and after initial settlement, SafetyStix knits together forming a more stable surface than either play sand or traditional play bark.
  • SafetyStix also decomposes at a negligible rate in comparison to play bark and being a similar price, clients appreciate when Playground Surfaces recommends it.


All loose fill playground surfaces (play sand and play bark) require monitoring, but the unique binding together of SafetyStix play bark reduces movement and reduces the man hours required to monitor and maintain, thus saving the playground authority money.

If play sand or play bark is a consideration, the budget for the project is usually relatively modest. With this in mind and our industry contacts we are able to offer SafetyStix, soft playground surfacing at a cheaper price than play sand or traditional play bark. Although they don't offer the same durabiltiy and longevity as fixed playground surfaces, such as Notts Sport Childsplay or Wet Pour, SafetyStix are definitely the best ‘loose' play flooring choice.


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