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Recently a Playground Surfaces (GLS) team were carrying out some repair work on a kick about area for a local N.W. local authority. Whilst carrying out the Notts Sport repair, there was a play areas co-ordinator inspecting an existing multi unit with shrunken and damaged rubber playground tiles. The co-ordinator and her colleague were looking for a solution to this issue and luckily GLS had some ideas.

As the rubberized tiles were no longer fit for purpose the council were looking for an affordable yet durable solution for their damaged playground surface. GLS presented them with a couple of options and overlaying the damaged wet pour with Notts Sports Childsplay was deemed to be the most suitable.

So the following week a team went to the site and carried out some remediation works to the damaged rubber playground tiles. The gaps between shrunken tiles were filled using wet pour and then left overnight to set. The next day a larger team returned and set about laying the Notts Sport Childsplay.

The soil edges around the site were excavated exposing the timber edging boards. The ChildsPlay carpet was then laid and seamed together. Specialist dried sand was brushed in at a rate of   22-25kg/m providing optimum protection from vandal attacks. The edges of the carpet were securely nailed into the timber edges and the spoil that was excavated was put back into the small trenches.

All in all the site looked 100 times better and we think the locals will be happy to have a safe surface beneath the climbing frame once again!

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