Midlands Swings Notts Sport Cover Over

This week Playground Surfaces (GLS) carried out a Notts Sport cover over for a midlands local authority. The authority in question has not used Notts Sports play products before, but do have a lot of trouble with damaged wet pour being ripped up. As such they have agreed to give Notts Sport ChildsPlay a try.

There are a set of swings in a play area, which is situated very close to a large high school and is therefore very heavily used. The existing surfacing is wet pour which is approximately 15 years old and is starting to fail in places. Some un savoury users of the swings had repeatedly ripped up the wet pour and the authority had repeatedly repaired it resulting in the wet pour looking like a patchwork quilt! 

However, as specialists in playground surfaces GLS know that wet pour repairs just leave the surfacing more exposed to vandalism, as vandals focus their attentions on the newly created seams.

So by covering the area with Notts Sport ChildsPlay not only does the swing set look better, the surfacing is also 10 times more resilient to attacks. GLS show their confidence in their products and services by offering a 5 year guarantee on all fixed playground surfaces.

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