Swings and NottsSport ChildsPlay Install

Due to technical difficulties, Playground Surfaces have been unable to keep this online blog up to date.

However with the difficulties resolved there should be a few updates over the coming days.....

This update relates to a job carried out this week for a local council near Rochdale.

There was a small playground in a residential area which had previously housed a timber climbing frame with a sand pit beneath. However the elements and time had caused the climber to rot and the local authority had no other option but to remove the unit.

Fortunately for the local children there was some available budget to purchase a new twin set of swings, one of which was a much coveted basket swing.

GLS have installed the swings to the manufacturers’ specification and installed a Notts Sports  ChildsPlay 170 system beneath them.

The job was relatively demanding as the existing sand pit needing extending to allow the prescribed fall area to be installed. Tarmac needed to be cut out, pre-cast concrete kerbs had to be removed, carefully leaving others in place, a 10mm gap had to be carefully cut into the some of the remaining tarmac to allow the Notts Sport ChildsPlay to be bolstered securely into the tarmac, but all in the entire job was a success.



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