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Over the last few years Playground Surfaces have grown into one of the premier playground safety surface installers, operating throughout the whole of the UK.  We offer a selection of surfaces (Notts Sport ChildsPlay, Wet Pour, Bonded Rubber Mulch and SafetyStix)  installed to high standards, at very competitive prices.  To get a price for any of  these surfaces in your playground

Playground Safety Surface Information

The previous Labour government identified the many advantages highlighted in studies, linking young peoples development and quality of life with quality, engaging play spaces.  Obviously a level of risk is part of a play areas appeal, but that level of risk does not need to involve the chance of serious injury.

In relation to playground safety, safety surfaces have formed an essential component in the design and construction of play facilities.  It is also necessary for playground authorities to provide and maintain safety surfaces in order to reduce the likely success of liability claims, if an accident were to occur.  The best resource relating to the current standard applicable to playgrorund safety surfaces can be found on the ROSPA website.

We offer a wide range of playground surfaces to suit all budgets and play areas.  If you have a play ground aimed at toddlers, in an area with relatively little vandalism we offer a selection of loose fill surfaces such as our 100% recycled SafetyStix product.  If your play area is much more heavily used, with a range of equipment aimed at teenagers and is in a city environment, we’d recommend a fixed surface with the highest level of vandal resistance such as Notts Sports Childsplay.

Whichever age group your play ground is aimed at, and whatever play equipment it has in it, Playground Surfaces will have the appropriate safety surface to protect its users.


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