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Playground Safety Flooring has become a necessity over the past decade.  Prior to this it was common to find playgrounds built over concrete, grass or asphalt.  However these are, understandably, no longer acceptable forms of Playground Surfacing and safety surfaces such as Notts Sport and Wetpour are used.

There are a range of legislation compliant playground safety surfaces on the market which vary dramatically in budget, both to install and to maintain.  In the majority of cases the cheaper the flooring to install, the more it costs to maintain in the long run.  It comes as no surprise, that this is even further exacerbated, if the surfacing is installed into a busy play area or one with a high level of vandalism.

Loose Fill choices such as SafetyStix, play bark and playsand are at the cheaper end of the scale.  They are often used because their installation costs are significantly cheaper than more expensive fixed options.  However at Playground Surfaces, we have spent a significant part of the last 2 years, replacing loosefill flooring, with Notts Sport and less so rubber play area surfaces.

Rubber playground safety flooring has been installed in a great number of play grounds and you can read more about the specifics of it on the wet pour page.

More recently we have seen a trend from its clients, who include a majority of the Local Authorities and City Councils in the North of England, moving from wet pour to Notts Sport ChildsPlay flooring.  This is because after approximately 3-5 years, in a lot of cases, wetpour starts to shrink and is expensive to replace and virtually impossible to successfully repair.  However, we offer an innovative, cost effective solution to this problem which you can find more about by clicking Wet Pour Repair.

Notts Sport ChildsPlay systems are not only useful for long lasting wet pour repairs; it is also the most vandal resistant playground surface on the market.  For further information have a look at the Notts Sport page.

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