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At Playground Surfaces we offer a full Notts Sport ChildsPlay, Bonded Rubber Mulch and Wet Pour playground flooring installation service, in addition to an innovative Wet Pour Repair service.  We are confident that we are one of the most competitively priced safety surface contractors in the U.K., whilst offering the highest levels of quality.  Why not get a price tailored to your playground

Playground Flooring History

Most people over the age of about 25, will have noticed a dramatic change in the types of playground flooring that are found in play grounds throughout the UK and further afield in Europe.  A majority of this change has been driven by ‘duty of care’ and playground safety regulation that has shifted the responsibility if an accident occurs, from the user (or their guardian) to the playground provider.

Traditionally up until the late 1980s, a majority of playgrounds, which were much more basic in their form, were built over grass or tarmacadam pads.  However, although grass can offer a reasonable degree of Critical Fall Height (CFH) protection, it does not wear particularly well in the UK climate and becomes hard baked in summer and waterlogged in winter.  On the flip side of this, tarmacadam wears exceptionally well but offers no CFH protection.

Something else was needed...

Loose fill surfaces, Play Bark and Play Sand were, and still are used today.  Playground Surfaces do not offer to supply and lay these products, as they require considerable maintenance and can quickly become un hygienic with leaf litter in the autumn, as well as animals using them to do 'their business' all year round!  Broken glass and other sharps can be unscrupulously left in the sand and bark, posing further risk to playground users.  It is also very difficult for authorities to ensure that minimum depths are adhered to in busy, urban play grounds.

Couple this with the fact that play sand and play bark strewn throughout parks further adds to their long term maintenance cost, play sand and play bark often end up as an overall expensive playground surface.  The only loose fill surface we do offer is SafetyStix. Click SafetyStix to read more about this loose fill playground flooring

Wet pour rubber tiles were introduced and were effective in offering adequate CFH protection.  Unfortunately they were only suitable for the most idyllic play grounds, as rising acts of vandalism posed considerable expense to playground providers, as wet pour rubber tiles were easily damaged or removed from site.   The obvious next step was the development of a solid piece of wet pour, which in essence could only be achieved if the wet pour flooring were laid on site, allowing it to set as one piece.

Whilst these advances in wetpour were being made, Notts Sport were developing the innovative range of ChildsPlay products.  Formed of a tactile surface carpet, that can be laid virtually anywhere including on humps and inclines, Notts Sport ChildsPlay offers improved grip when wet, as well as increased vandal resistance as it doesn’t shrink and resists knife, fire and graffiti attacks due to over sanding.

Changes in the market and an increase in it’s use, highlight the vandal resistance and non slip advantages that NottsSport ChildsPlay playground surfaces offers.  This is confirmed by the trend of local authorities that now choose to exclusively specify ChildsPlay, for all their playgrounds.

For further information about the ChildsPlay range click Notts Sport, or for information on how to obtain quotes for wet pour on your playground click Wet Pour Prices

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