Notts Sport ChildsPlay Playground Surfaces Sub Bases

The Notts Sport ChildsPlay playground surfacing is formed of a surface layer of tactile NottsSward VHAF (Vertical, Horizontal and Angular Fibres) carpet and dependent on what play equipment you have and therefore what Critical Fall Height (CFH) over 600mm is necessary (for less than 600mm, no sub base is needed), one of the following sub bases. 

If a playground requires a safety play surface that must offer between 600-1200mm CFH protection, then a VHAF Underlay and Rubber Crumb system can be used.   This system includes a Notts Sward VHAF underlayer, with rubber crumb (1-2mm in size) evenly distributed at a rate of 4kg/m.  On top of this the NottsSport NottsSward carpet provides tactile durability.

Dependent on whether the ground beneath the play ground surfaces is concrete/ashphalt or stone, depends on what CFH protection the system affords.  If it is concrete/asphalt the system offers a maximum of 900mm protection.  If the ground beneath the system is purpose laid stone, it offers up to 1200mm of protection.

If a playground has play equipment on it requiring a surface offering CFH protecion in excess of 1200mm, then the Notts Sport NottsBase EPP (Expanded Propylene) tile systems are used.

The EPP tile is 100% recyclable and its manufacturing process does not involve the the use of substances harmful to the environment, such as volatile organic compounds.  Coupled with the fact that it is quick to install and therefore cost effective, it is an innovative playground surface.

The EPP tile systems are constructed of a geotextile membrane being laid on top of a purpose laid stone base.  The EPP tiles go on top of the geo textile, followed by a layer of NottsStiff (stabilising, load spreading membrane), the NottsSward carpet is the final layer, which is then oversanded.


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