Notts Sport ChildsPlay Maintenance and Care



Under normal circumstances, the ChildsPlay® Systems require minimal maintenance, which will not need specialist equipment or training. To keep the surface in optimum condition, and ensure maximum life-span, the following maintenance should be carried out:

1.    To maximise the durability of the VHAF® NottsSward® surface, it is important to maintain the level of sand to within 2mm of the top of the pile. Normally, this will involve redistributing the sand already in the pile as it gets displaced, causing too much in some areas and too little in others. Use a stiff brush to even out the spread of sand. This is particularly important in the higher wear areas, and is most common underneath apparatus where the usage causes a scraping on the ground (e.g. under swings).

In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to top-up the levels of sand. Where this is deemed necessary the sand should be kiln-dried and have a particle range between 0.25-1.00mm, with a rounded or sub-rounded shape. For information on where to purchase the sand please contact Playground Surfaces on 01978 715 777.

NB. All sand should be applied when dry, otherwise it will be difficult to work it into the pile. You may find that sand sits on the surface to start with, but this will soon work into the pile through weather and foot traffic.
2.    Remove debris, leaves and rubbish from the surface by light brushing. Particular attention should be paid to this if there are surrounding trees or bushes.

3.    Any grass around the perimeter of the surface should be kept short using either a strimmer with a nylon blade or a cylinder mower.
4.    During routine maintenance of any surrounding grass area, clippings or seed may blow on to the ChildsPlay® area. It is important that the VHAF® NottsSward® is brushed after such works as the clippings or seeds can germinate and grow into the surface. In the event of this happening the affected area should be treated with a proprietary non oil-based weed killer. Similarly, if the area becomes infected with moss, then this should be treated with a non oil-based proprietary moss killer and then removed with a stiff brush.
5.    In the unlikely event that the surface becomes damaged, contact Playground Surfaces on 01978 715 777 for advice on the best way to carry out repairs.


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