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Notts Sport are currently a leader in the playground surfaces market, manufacturing its innovative ChildsPlay VHAF (Vertical, Horizontal and Angular Fibres) systems.  Playground Surfaces are one of only a handful of licensed UK installers to offer the full selection of ChildsPlay systems.  We are also fortunate enough to offer the most competitve prices for ChildsPlay in the UK.  To find out just how competitive we are


Notts Sport ChildsPlay Technical Info.

These systems are a specially adapted needle punched carpet  (not dissimilar to Astroturf sports surfaces) which, laid over various sub-layers creates surfaces offering critical fall height protection of up to 3m. 

ChildsPlay safety surfaces can be installed onto new and existing play grounds and are available in a wide range of colours.  There are also a selection of carefully thought out shapes, numbers, animals, letters and games which can be installed into the playground flooring.  These items offer problem solving, literacy and numeracy which will all contribute to children’s creativity.  Encompassing elements of the key stage 1 curriculum, Notts Sport themed surfacing can also contribute to a childs personal development. 

The Childplay systems are all topped with a VHAF (Vertical, Horizontal and Angular Fibres) NottsSward carpet layer that offers excellent grip even when wet, whilst also offering an improved level of vandalism resistance compared with wetpour surfacing.  This is due to the VHAF carpet retaining sand that is brushed into the fibres of the carpet.  The oversanding affords excellent resilience to knife attacks, fires and graffiti, therefore improving the longevity of the playground surface. 

Beneath the carpet layer is either an epp tile system or a VHAF underlay and rubber crumb system.  The critical fall height protection required in a given play area determines which of the sub base systems are employed.  Have a look at the Notts Sport sub-base systems page for further information. 

In addition to exclusively specifying ChildsPlay for new playgrounds, a number of UK councils also use Playground Surfaces to repair damaged wetpour and overlay it with Notts Sport Childsplay.  Click wet pour repair to find out how.


Notts Sport ChildsPlay Maintenance

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