Copthorne Road Nursery NottsSport and Bonded Rubber Mulch

Recently Playground Surfaces were pleased to be able to assisst a small nursery who had received a grant to have part of their outdoor space resurfaced.  The existing surface had been laid about 12 years ago and was starting to look tired and worn out. 

The nursery had approached local companies but they weren't quite ble to bring the project under budget for the nursery.  As the nursery had no additional funds to add to the budget, they widened their search to find a contractor to carry out the work.  Fortunately they came across our website and we were able to get the project under the price the nursery had to work to. 

The site had existing synthetic grass and NottsSport ChildsPlay in situ and they knew they wanted to use ChildsPlay again as it had proved successful for over a decade.  They were less impressed with the synthetic grass, so we provided them with twin colour yellow and blue Childsplay surfacing including two 2m black sharks in the blue.  There was a tower unit there, so we needed to provide some Critical Fall Height protection in the areas posing any risk. 

The Blue and Yellow were laid to represent water and sand, which the pictures show worked to good effect!

Finally we used our Bonded Rubber Mulch product around the foot of a tree and to form the base for a 'twigloo' (willow dome in bottom left corner of photo).  This was the best product by far in this situation, as it allows some flexibility in the surfacing, which is necessary when you are woking with living trees/bushes.  We're confident that these products will last at least another decade for the nursery children to enjoy.

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