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Today Playground Surfaces undertook work for a new local authority client.  With a lull on new clients since Christmas, it was great to show a local authority the massive benefits and cost savings of using ChildsPlay in it's most valuable application.  The council have a number of playgrounds with deteriorating wet pour.  Now wet pour does have it's place, but like all good things, it comes to an end.  Once wet pour starts deteriorating, the options are limited to:


Continue to patch it using a contractor - this is expensive  and no company will gaurantee patching work upon completion.


Have council workers repair the wet  pour which requires training, staff retention or if not re-training, extra staff available to fix the constantly deteriorating and/or vandalised wet pour, extra risk assessments, COSHH training etc


Repair the wet-pour yourselves or instruct Playground Surfaces to repair the wet pour and then have us overlay the wetpour with Notts Sport ChildsPlay.  Once laid the surface comes with a 5 year gaurantee and is usable immediately.  It is much more cost effective to carry out this overlay technique as opposed to removing the existing wetpour rubber and relaying it.  It is also more environementally friendly as the defunct wet pour has to be landfilled at present.


Notts Sport ChildsPlay is also more effective at preventing vandal attacks as it is oversanded at a rate of 20-25 kg/m2 which helps prevent the surface from burning.  It also helps reduce knife attacks as blades are almost instantly blunted by the sand.

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