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Affordable Bonded Rubber Mulch in your Playground.


Bonded Rubber Mulch is a more recent addition to the market and a great alternative to wet pour as it has a totally different look, whilst still providing the same Critical Fall Height (CFH) protection.  Playground Surfaces install surfaces for hundreds of clients throughout the UK, including numerous local authorities and playground equipment manufacturers, so if you would like a price for bonded rubber mulch in your playground

Bonded Rubber Mulch Information

Bonded Mulch is laid on site as a ‘wet’ product, which then cures to form a durable playground surface.  Although it isn't quite as resistant to vandal attacks as the likes of NottsSport ChildsPlay systems, in a lot of cases this isn't the main priority and bonded rubber mulch is a great product with it's own merits.

As with traditional wetpour, the thickness of the surface will determine the CFH protection it offers.  It is formed from recycled non pneumatic tyres which are shredded to give a bark like appearance.

Its distinct advantages over wet pour are that it looks a lot more natural, more like playbark than wet pour and it can be laid onto any existing ground without the added expense of foundations.  This second benefit means that, in some cases, Bonded Rubber Mulch cannot only be more convenient but can also be cheaper than alternative playground floorings, as it requires no groundworks i.e. edging boards, stone in-fill etc.

The one potential drawback of Bonded Mulch, is it cannot have particularly intricate designs in laid, where as traditional wet pour rubber can.   Obviously the pros and cons depend a lot on the location of your play ground and the aesthetics required from the surfacing.  If it is in a 'themed' play area, you might not choose Mulch as intricate designs might be your main requirement.  However in a more rural setting, a natural look with reduced ground work costs might be ideally what you are looking for.  

Even though it can cost less than alternative surfaces, Bonded Mulch should definitely not be regarded as a 'cheap' product.  It is very durable and often proves to be the best looking surface in a number of settings.  In a number of cases the natural look of the mulch can compliment urban playgrounds too.


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